Angel’s nickname in high school was “Mom.” The oldest child in her family, her friends teased her for being the responsible one. Now that she really is a mom, it’s a title she takes seriously. It’s what inspires her every day and what motivates her to do everything she can to make sure her own daughter, and all families in our community, have the same opportunities she had growing up.

As Chair of Milwaukie's Public Safety Advisory Committee and Transportation Chair of the Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association, Angel is a strong advocate for active transportation, bike and pedestrian safety, including Safe Routes to School, accessibility for seniors and people with disabilities, and other livability and public safety issues. She knows that there are steps we can take at the local level to break down barriers that impose huge burdens on our working families and vulnerable neighbors and keep them from full participation in our community and economy.

Angel’s mom and dad didn’t finish college themselves – life had other plans – and by example, they taught her and her siblings the value of grit, compassion, and teamwork. They sacrificed so that their kids could go to college and have more opportunities than they had. Angel lives those values, and after graduating from college, she went to work as a paralegal, first with an employment law firm protecting workers’ rights and now with a local firm that is well respected for its strong Northwest values, dedicating a significant amount of time and money to organizations that work toward equal access to justice, food security, equitable housing, transportation and representation in leadership. Angel is the firm’s litigation support manager, leading the paralegal department, managing the firm's electronic evidence systems, and overseeing presentations for arbitration hearings and in state and federal trial courts.

When she’s not working and volunteering, she can be found with her family cheering for her husband's football team, exploring the outdoors on her family's drift boat, or working in their large vegetable garden.