We can preserve the charm and what we love about our small town while also addressing the rapidly rising costs of housing in Milwaukie. I look forward to working with my neighbors, community leaders, experts, advocates, and regional public and private partners to come up with solutions that keep Milwaukie affordable and livable for all of us. We can plan for the future development of our beloved city without displacing regular Milwaukians, both new and old.


In my roles as Chair of Milwaukie’s Public Safety Advisory Committee and as Transportation Chair for the Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association, the most frequent concern I hear from every neighborhood in Milwaukie is about our lack of safe walking and biking facilities for our kids and safe connections to transit and services for our seniors and disabled residents. We must stop pushing this responsibility onto future generations of Milwaukians. Fixing these gaps in our infrastructure is a basic function of government, and improving access to safe and affordable transportation options benefits all Milwaukians.


We can all agree that protecting our local water and air is crucial for all of us, our families, and future generations of Milwaukians. Restoring habitat so that native species can return to help promote a healthy and sustainable watershed, reducing the toxics that we release into the air and water so that we can all feel safe about where we live, increasing our tree canopy to reduce stormwater runoff and mitigate heat island effect are all steps we can take at the local level to help reverse years of negative outcomes for the environment.


We all love this place, and we all want to see it succeed. We owe it to each other to try to find common ground and to be honest and respectful in our conversations about the future of our community. While we may not always agree, I promise to always remember that my own perspective isn’t the only one to consider. Milwaukie is an exciting place be, with momentum on our side and big opportunities in front of us, and we must be able to work together to keep Milwaukie moving forward.

The success of Milwaukie is up to all of us, not just a few. Making sure that all of our residents have a bigger role in determining our city’s future, is one of the reasons I started getting involved in my community and a big factor in my decision to run for council. As your representative on council, I will push for policies, practices, and procedures that honor diversity and increase participation by all of our residents to achieve equitable outcomes.